Old Assignment (1)

Suggested Reading (How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics) – Pages 139-155 and Pages 161-184. You don’t have to read all of it this week.

If you want to get a jump on next week’s homework you can run the stack machine code on your LiveCD. I don’t expect you to understand the code but there are lots of comments which direct you to change certain parameters and see the results. So, you will be making code changes but they are mainly parametric and there is no need to understand their deep meaning. Note that Scheme comments begin with ‘;;’.

To begin double click on the “Stack Icon” on the Desktop.it into a convenient location. Run DrRacket. This will bring up the DrScheme window. Select the ‘Language/Choose Language’ menu then choose ‘Pretty Big’ under ‘Legacy Languages’.

Now click ‘Run’ (upper right corner). A few moments later you should have evolved a polynomial that given a collection of tuples (here x,y pairs) produced a stack computer program (like an old HP calculator program). This program is really just a ‘function’ that given an ‘x’ value will generate a ‘y’ value. So if you have collections of (x,y) tuples you can get EC to generate an equation which fits all those points, and even the ones in between. This is called symbolic regression.

Don’t panic if the code looks like Greek. I’ll go over the highlights in class next week.

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