Web Resources

There are a vast number of resources on the web for Computational Intelligence. I recommend looking around yourself a bit for your particular needs but below are a few links of general interest.


  • ECJ
    I installed version 14. After untarring, go inside the created ecj directory and type:

java ec.Evolve -file ec/app/ant/ant.params

More examples are described in the docs directory. Note that there appears to be an error in the suggested command lines. You must add ec/ in front of the particular file you wish to run (as I have for the Ant problem above).

If you look down their page a bit there are lots of great links.

Another general purpose engine
Neural Networks

search at Sourceforge for neural network code

Swarm Software

Lots of examples

Generation 5

Lots of articles with a sprinkling of code. (Click on ‘Articles’).


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