Post Course

Here are several things that I promised in the last class;

  • Here’s the SVM Video .. It’s actually both Neural Nets and SVM. The SVM part starts at 54:20. It’s in Real Player format.
    SVM Video Here
  • Here’s the Hopefield Network Applet Tutorial (remember the recurrent neural network?)
    Here’s the Tutorial
  • Here’s are the PSO_Ant sources if you want to play. Simply unpack the directory, then navigate to the psoant/bin directory and type
    java view.ParticleSwarmSimulatorView
    Here are the sources

If you view this please let me know by email (just for my own interest).

Thanks, Tom


— Old Messages Below —

I’ve uploaded the program to play with the baby gestation data. Just look under the menu item “Gestation Fun” for install instructions.

We were not able to assemble the LED light data yet. I will try to post it by next week. Again, this is not a requirement.

Welcome to the UCSC Computational Intelligence class starting February 5, 2015.

Material will be posted here to supplement the Live CD such as assignments and solutions. Discussions are encouraged.

Feel free to email me but please put something like “UCSC Extension” in the title so it doesn’t go to my spam folder.


Is everyone doing Ok on the homework?

Experimenting with changes to the Stack Machine and Gestation Data. Will post progress tonight or tomorrow.



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